In December 2022, we came up with and implemented an interactive event – a New Year's entertainment performance with the participation of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and Technogradik – as part of the Gift Factory festival in Technograd at VDNH.
Date of the event
December 24, 2022 -
January 8, 2023
VDNH, Moscow
Number of guests:
1000 people
The family New Year's Festival in Technograd is an opportunity to have a good time and learn a lot of new and interesting things.

Together with their parents, the children were able to take various master classes, which were distributed in three thematic areas: "Magical creativity", "Technical miracle" and "Fabulous City". The main thing was not to get lost from the huge choice!

In between the master classes, the guests were able to attend our New Year's theatrical performance. In the festive bustle, Santa Claus completely forgot how to make New Year's gifts… Together with Technogradik and Snegurochka, the guys helped Grandpa remember his old skills, as well as learn a lot from the field of modern technology and, of course, fill a bag with gifts!
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